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Let's build the incredible.

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A web and video marketing anti-agency rooted in psychology, experience, and data.

Our Mission

We design to help brands stand out in evergrowing and already overly-saturated markets. From web strategy, web UX and site optimization to brand, visual identity, and creative direction, we have you covered.

make something rad; revered for it's innovation and defiant of any status quo.

Our Values

Never Finish Learning

We build strategies. That requires learning and adaptation.

Just Be Human

Our founder just really dislikes corporate jargon and pretending you can't do wrong.

Test New Theories

Build something cool, and then prove that its cool enough.

Transparent Invoicing

Flat rate or hourly rates, we don't do overages, and we don't hike up our hourly cause we feel like it.

Get What You Give

Be honest, thorough, and mindful of the team in and out of the organization.

Communicate Often

Ask, Tell, Share, Problem solve. Speak with your team, and they will hear you.

Our Team

headshot of shawn

Shawn Nichols

Founder / Janitor

“Who is Justice Beaver?”

– Dwight Shrute

headshot of kylie

Kylie Garrett

UX & Strategy

“I don’t understand the question and I won’t respond to it.”

– Lucille Bluth

Melissa Allen

Executive Assistant

"You're killing me smalls!"


headshot photo of Amanda

Amanda Peterson

Content & Copy

“Tweet us on Facebook!”

– Johnny Rose

Scout & Olive Nichols

Bark Coordinators


– Dug


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