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Completely Free

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Elevate your brand with a digital presence that your mom will want to put on your fridge.

Over 15 years of web design experience, state-of-the-art tools, psychological principles, and an effortless means to improve your business automation. Yeah. It's pretty rad.

Feel free to bring any element of your digital strategy to the call, and we will do our best to support your brand. These calls are free and require no obligation. It's just a hang.

Free Strategy Call

We ask that you include the website that we will be discussing in your scheduling, so we can be sure to speak the same language!

VP, Sales

Ad Agency VP

"...Shawn and the team at metriq are a breath of fresh air.  To truly be able to expect meaningful creative AND know that it's grounded in data (with the proof to back it up!) let's me run my team and business better...."

Director of Lead Gen

SaaS, Video Performance Product

"Fantastic experience working with the team and Shawn on data-oriented design and iteration. Can't say enough about how much they just get it when it comes to how our sales cycle works."

Marketing Leader

SaaS Marketing Consultancy

In the handful of projects I’ve thankfully worked with Shawn on, he goes the extra mile to make sure he understands who the customer is, how their minds work, why they need the businesses service. And only then does his design process start.

Marketing Founder

Demand Gen Marketing

"Can’t go wrong working with him if you want someone who will push design to the level all businesses should care about."

Founder, Lead Gen

PPC Agency

"...But more importantly, and what most firms miss that I’ve seen, his work starts business first. His recommendations are engineered to improve revenue and CVR, not just look pretty."